Sunday, March 10, 2019

10 Ab Training Tips from the Underground: Tip #1

Are you frustrated with how your abs look? Has your ab training of late become incredibly unrewarding? Are you ready to leave behind the new gimmick infomercial devices and take a lesson in ab training straight from the old school? 

If so, then review review this series of postings carefully. We've recently uncovered 10 little-known but highly effective ab-training tips from an era long since bygone, which we will share with you over the coming days. Today, we start with our first of 10 tips...

Tip #1: Practice Strategic Breath Holding

This is a tip learned from Mel Siff, a brilliant exercise scientist from South Africa, who can explain everything about weight training in mathematical terms.

When performing curl-up exercises like the crunch, always inhale at the start of the exercise and exhale at the completion of the movement. Exhaling during the contraction phase reduces the tension on the muscles of the lower-abdominal region -- and when it comes to building strength and size, the more tension you develop, the greater the stimulus. Of course, the downside of holding your breath is that it increases blood pressure, so this technique should be avoided by those with cardiovascular problems.

Tune in tomorrow for Tip #2! 

Shred Your Abs Faster with This Secret Weapon
Recent laboratory analyses from the University of Toronto have recently identified what could be called "The World's Most Powerful Fat Burner." 

Specifically, these tests have shown a rare white tea grown in the Nandi Highlands of Kenya's Great Rift Valley possesses a mind-blowing 25 times the fat-burning polyphenols of regular green tea and over DOUBLE that of high-potency green tea matcha.

What's more, these University of Toronto scientific analyses show this tea contains 137 times the antioxidants of conventional green tea, and is the world's #1 source of the mind-boosting "focus" amino acid L-theanine (containing 5 times more than green tea).

So what exactly is this tea? It's a high-grade, organic white matcha grown at an altitute of 6,500 feet above sea level under the bright sun of Kenya's majestic Great Rift Valley — allowing the leaves to soak in extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants and fat-burning polyphenols. 

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Friday, March 8, 2019

How Alcohol Affects Your Efforts to Get Lean & Muscular

Q: I like to have an occasional beer or glass of wine in the evening. How does alcohol affect my nutrition and exercise programs?

A: Alcohol is a very concentrated source of calories (7 calories per gram) and, when it enters your blood stream, your liver must reduce or stop its metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and many of its other vital functions in order to process it. This dramatically interferes with your ability to lose fat by causing a buildup of fat in your liver, a decrease in glycogen (master fuel) formation in your liver and muscles, and an interference with niacin, thiamine and B vitamins -- all essential for energy production!

In addition, alcohol will stimulate your appetite (carbohydrate-sensitive people very often crave sweets when they drink), make it much harder to exercise, and act as a diuretic, causing you to lose precious water -- all of which will sabotage your efforts to get lean and muscular.

My advice -- use very little or none at all!

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