Kenya Reserve White Matcha Tea Review

Kenya Reserve White Matcha Tea Review

Tea is a staple in the lives of many people around the world. From London to Saigon to Los Angeles, people are drinking this wonderful beverage at every hour of the day. Some drink it for the caffeine whereas others drink tea for its nutritional benefits. For those who tend to favor green tea, you probably enjoy the taste as well as the high levels of antioxidants found in each cup. But, what if I told you that there’s another form of green tea that provides you with even more antioxidants – over double the amount of normal green tea? It’s true, and it’s called matcha tea.

What is Matcha Tea?

Matcha is a powdered form of tea that is made slightly different from other green teas. Normally, tea leaves are oxidized, fermented and then steamed. With matcha tea, the leaves are not oxidized or fermented. Instead, matcha tea leaves are steamed immediately after harvest and then ground into powder. Because they’re immediately steamed, the leaves are able to maintain high levels of nutrients normally lost in the fermentation process. The result is over 25 times the amount of antioxidants and amino acids found in green tea.

Why Kenya Reserve White Matcha?

Unlike Japanese matcha teas on the market, Kenya Reserve Matcha is specially produced in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya. Here, the tea leaves grow at an altitude of 6,500 feet above sea level under the warm Kenyan sun.

Because they’re grown at such a high altitude, the tea leaves are able absorb a higher level of antioxidants than other matcha teas. Studies have shown Kenya White Matcha Tea to contain double the amount of polyphenols of other matcha teas.

Further, Kenya Reserve only comes from the best tea leaves in the crop. Only the youngest leaves are chosen for production and then carefully grounded down to create a smooth consistency in every cup.

What are the Health Benefits?

  • Boosts Brain Power: Kenya Reserve contains five times the amount of the amino acid, L-theanine, compared to normal green tea. This key ingredient has been found to boost brain activity and improve concentration. Further, it reduces the effect of caffeine, helping you remain calm throughout the day.
  • Burns Fat: As already mentioned, Kenya Reserve contains a high level of polyphenols, over 25 times the amount of regular green tea. This is an important natural ingredient for weight loss, as studies show polyphenols help boost your body’s metabolism. Those who consumer Kenya Reserve on a daily basis are turbo charging they’re fat-burning activity. Some customers have lost over 20 pounds in 3 months!
  • Prevents Cancer & HIV: Matcha tea is rich in the antioxidant, Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which studies show helps prevent cancer, HIV and other diseases when taken daily.
Ultimately, the natural power of Kenya Reserve White Matcha Tea cannot be found anywhere else. If you’re looking to boost your daily brain function or want to lose a few pounds, Kenya Reserve gives you these results naturally. Order yours today to begin experiencing the many benefits of white matcha tea.