Increase Muscle Growth 22.5% with This Simple Trick

One Simple Trick to Increase Muscle Growth By 22.5%

By simply drinking a carbohydrate-containing drink during weight-training exercise, you may be able to increase muscle growth by as much as 22.5 percent over 12 weeks, according to a study from the Department of Exercise Sciences at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

In the study, two groups of experienced weight trainers participated in 12 weeks of intense resistance-training exercise. Training for one group included the ingestion of a non-caloric placebo, and the other, a 6 percent carbohydrate solution, which was taken during exercise.

Weightlifting exercise coupled with ingesting the carb solution, the results showed… 

Significantly blunted the cortisol (a highly catabolic or “muscle-wasting” hormone) response during the 12 weeks of training. This is in contrast to significantly elevated cortisol levels observed in the placebo control group.

“Corresponding with the modified response patterns were differences in muscle growth,” write the researchers. Weight-training exercise with carbohydrate ingestion resulted in significantly greater gains in both type I (19.1 percent) and type II (22.5 percent) muscle-fiber area than weight training exercise alone.

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LESSON: “These findings suggest that the modification of the cortisol response associated with carbohydrate ingestion can positively impact the skeletal muscle hypertrophic (growth) adaptation to weight training,” conclude the researchers.

During-workout drinks—often labeled as “intra-workout” formulas—may be beneficial for muscle growth during weight-training exercise, according to this study.

But watch out for the “sugar bombs” that are today’s most popular carbohydrate “sports drinks.” You might as well just mix up a jug of Kool-Aid. It’s basically the same thing: flavored sugar water.
Instead, look for high-quality intra-workout protein/BCAA drink mixes that include quality carbs, not sugar.

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