7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Creatine

Why You Should Be Using Creatine

According to renowned sports nutrition researcher Dr. Richard Kreider, the science supporting athletes using creatine is clear-cut. Here, according to Dr. Kreider, are 7 reasons why all athletes should be supplementing with creatine:
  1. Increases one-repetition maximum and peak power in all strength lifts
  2. Improves vertical jump
  3. Increases work performed during repetitive sets of maximal-effort muscle contractions
  4. Enhances single-effort sprint performance in sprints lasting 6 to 30 seconds
  5. Enhances repetitive-sprint performance (e.g., 6x6-second sprints with 30-second rest)
  6. Improves high-intensity exercise performance in events lasting 90 to 600 seconds
  7. Increases AT (anaerobic threshold) and maximal VO2 (the ability of the body to transport oxygen to the muscles)
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