Top 5 Benefits of Whey Protein

Increase Muscle Mass, Lose Fat, Reduce Hunger and More:

Increase Muscle Mass
1. Increase Muscle Mass

Researchers from the University of Texas recently investigated the effects of both whey and casein protein on lean muscle gains. Lifters who consumed whey protein before and after their workouts saw a significantly greater increase in lean muscle mass and overall muscle strength.

2. Lose Body Fat

A recent study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined the effects of whey protein and isocaloric drinks on athletes who reduced their daily calorie intake by 500 calories. Those who consumed whey lost a larger amount of body fat, yet managed to preserve their lean muscle mass. Whey protein shakes can significantly improve fat-loss efforts.

3. Reduce Hunger

Lower calorie intake often translates into greater hunger. Whey protein could take a bite out of that hunger. Australian researchers recently compared the effects of four different beverages on appetite suppression. The study participants who drank whey protein shakes experienced lower levels of ghrelin, a hunger-stimulating hormone. With results that last up to four hours, this is another reason whey may be the best fat-loss protein available.

4. Boost Immunity

Glutathione is an important nutrient for disease prevention, yet most people have probably never heard of it. “The mother of all antioxidants,” glutathione is essential for detoxification and immune system functioning. Preserving this molecule is yet another of the many whey protein powder benefits.

According to a new study from Canadian researchers, men who engage in strenuous physical workouts suffer significant reductions in their glutathione levels. This impacts not only their immune system, but also their gastrointestinal and nervous systems. By supplementing the diet with whey protein, glutathione levels remain balanced and the body can effectively fight disease and illness.

5. Reduce Stress

European researchers have recently discovered stress-reducing benefits in whey protein. In their studies, people who consumed whey exhibited a better mood and fewer signs of depression. This may be due to the protein’s effect on serotonin, a “feel good” brain chemical.

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