Here Is A Simple Cardio Trick to Burn More Fat

Burn up to 40% More Fat with This Simple Cardio Trick

During cardiovascular exercise, we burn calories. But did you know a significant number of calories are also burned during recovery? Following exercise, our metabolic rate remains elevated, the duration of which depends on exercise intensity and how long we exercise.

Usually, the higher the intensity and the greater the duration, the longer our metabolic rate will remain elevated because body temperature and hormones keep it elevated as our systems attempt to restore pre-exercise conditions.

During this time, muscle glycogen is being restored, and muscle protein is being synthesized. Researchers can measure our metabolic rates by measuring oxygen consumption. There is a direct relationship between oxygen consumption and calorie expenditure.

After exercise, the higher metabolic rate is associated with a higher oxygen consumption, which is referred to as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). The greater the EPOC, the more calories expended.

Recently, a group of researchers investigated the effect of performing one 30-minute exercise session or two 15-minute exercise sessions, separated by six hours, on EPOC.

The subjects cycled at 70 percent of their maximal oxygen consumption (VO2peak). The researchers controlled diet and exercise on the days preceding the exercise test. Following the 30-minute session, oxygen consumption was measured for 40 minutes and for 20 minutes after each of the 15-minute sessions.

The researchers reported a 40 percent increase in oxygen consumption during the split exercise session over the single exercise session. Therefore, according to this study, you might burn more fat by splitting your high-intensity cardiovascular exercise session into two separate sessions.

Give it a try and see if you notice an increase in fat loss particularly around your stubborn areas.